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Eye Strain and Headaches

Eye Strain and Headaches

Eye strain is most times caused by having the eyes focused on one point for long periods of time. Computer screens are some of the main culprits of eye strain, but activities, like reading and making crafts, can also cause eye strain.

Eye strain can make it harder to focus on objects that are farther away and can lead to headaches. Eye strain headaches can accrue if there is no eye pain before a headache starts.


How Eye Strain Cause Headaches

The way that eye strain causes a headache will depend on the person and the headache. The main way is that the brain is heavily focused on the screen, and will slow down the amount of blinks that is done per minute. We are meant to blink around every 5 to 6 seconds. However, when we focus our eyes on a task or screen, blinking can slow down to once every 10 to 15 seconds. This leads the brain to be over stimulated, which causes the headache pain.

Most times, this headache will affect one side of the brain move. Usually, it will be the side with the eye that is being more strained. People who have this type of eye strain headache usually have a different prescription for each eye.

The other cause of the eye strain headache comes from the pressure from the muscles on the skull. Like above, lowering the amount of blinking can cause a headache. However, the muscles in the forehead and the top of the skull are held tight to stop the blinking. This puts more pressure onto the skull, which causes the headache pain.


Preventing Headaches Caused by Eye Strain

Preventing eye strain headaches is difficult because most jobs require our full attention and the use of a digital screen. There are methods that you can use to avoid eye strain headaches. The simplest option is to refocus the eyes around every half an hour by looking away from the screen. For many people, even looking across the room for a few seconds can help.

If you are having problems with dry eyes and headaches, you should try bathing each eye with alternating cold and warm water. This will help activate the tear ducts and will help you avoid eye infections that are caused by rubbing dry and tired eyes.

The best and quickest way of preventing eye strain headaches is by using [product name]. Within just a few minutes, your eyes will be rested, and the headache pain will diminish. Eye strain can also cause dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain, and tired eyes. If the pain continues, you should see an eye care professional because you could have need glasses to stop the eye strain.