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Symptoms of Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes – Symptoms

Now, you must most certainly felt it when you stand on the computer for far too long or when you go ahead and read a book for more than you should. Your eyes start getting heavy, and you can barely keep them open. Furthermore, you experience discomfort when you keep your eyes wide open, and they even start to burn. That’s a clear symptom of tired eyes. The eye doctor is likely to call this computer vision syndrome or, the less popular name – digital eye strain. It is going to affect the majority of people who use an electric device.

The truth is that certain estimates even go so far to state that computer-related eye symptoms might actually be responsible for up to 10 million visits to the doctor’s office every single year. This is definitely something to be considered.


The Problem Worsens

Unfortunately, digital eye strain is likely to become a far more pressing issue. The reason for this is quite logical and rather simple – people start to use smart phones a lot more than in the past. What is more, they also begin using other handheld digital devices regularly such as tablets, for instance. You hold this device almost constantly, and it’s always going to be close to your eyes. As a matter of fact, it’s likely to be closer than a book or a newspaper when you are reading one. This is what forces your eyes to work a lot harder than they are used to as the eye strain starts to focus on words which are tinier.


Tired Eyes – The Things to Consider

This is caused when you don’t blink enough. As you may already suggest, digital devices are also causing your eyes to get a lot more tired than usual because you tend to blink a lot less when you use the telephone or the computer. The thing about blinking is that it naturally refreshes your eyes.


What are the Symptoms of Tired Eyes?

These may include:

  • Troubled focusing
  • Watery or overly dry eyes
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Irritated or sore eyes and others of the kind.

It’s important not to understand neck, shoulder or back pain as this is also something which is indicative of tired eyes. That’s because you tend to move those muscle groups uncharacteristically when you fail to see something properly. In any case, it goes without saying that tired eyes and digital eye strain are issues to consider and they shouldn’t be left disregarded. This is something particularly important, and it’s not something that you would want to pass by.