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Tips and Home Remedies on How to Fix Tired Eyes

Tips and Home Remedies on How to Fix Tired Eyes

Tired eyes are unfortunately a constant problem in our device dependent world today. Almost sixty percent of Americans use a device at least five hours per day, and over seventy percent of them use two devices at once. This is causing severe tired eyes from computer and other device screens over long hours of usage.

Another term for tired eyes is eye strain, and over sixty-five percent of people complain of some form of digital eye strain. What eye strain feels like are an achy, stinging and itchiness to the eyes that are bloodshot and some may get blurred or double vision. Often times staring at device screens for hours also causes neck, shoulder and back pain.

If you are suffering from eye strain and tired eye symptoms, there are many tired eyes treatment home remedies you could try. There are many at home remedies on how to revive tired eyes and how to relax tired eyes to bring you relief as quickly as possible.


How to Fix Tired Eyes: Home Remedies

How to Make Tired Eyes Look Fresh: Ice Milk

Whole milk contains fat which is a great soothing component and with vitamins D and A along with protein, and amino acids will make your tired eyes look fresh in as little as fifteen minutes. Simply take a clean washcloth and saturate it with the ice milk and apply directly to the eyes. This will reduce the stinging irritation and puffiness.

How to Relax Tired Eyes: Eye Massage

To relax tired eyes, a good massage will do them wonders. Simply lightly massage the upper eyelid and over the eyebrow for ten to twenty seconds. Massage the lower lid as well as the cheeks and temples for a full face massage.


How to Refresh Tired Eyes: Palming

Palming is a very effective way when you are wondering how to refresh tired eyes quickly. Simply rubbed your palms together to warm them up and place them over your closed eyes for thirty to forty seconds. When done slowly open your eyes and look around. Your eyes will thank you for this technique.


How to Revive Tired Eyes: Hydrating Lotion and Cold Water

The skin around your eyes is very fragile and thin, and when it loses its much-needed moisture, it can look dull, tired and create fine lines and wrinkles. Applying moisturising creams and lotions with retinol may be a great way to revive them and get rid of tired lines under eyes.

Splashing cold icy water on your eyes and face will help perk you up along with reducing the burning and strain of your tired eyes. Do this several times a day to keep your tired eyes at bay.


These are some tired eyes remedy home tips and ideas to try so you can gain relief fast. Don’t let the most noticed part of your body look and feel strained and tired, try these home remedies today.