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What is computer eye strain?

What is Computer Eye Strain?

Eye strain, also called as Asthenopia is a condition that manifests through a myriad of symptoms like fatigue, tired lines under the eye, pain in or around the eye surrounding and aching of the eyeballs. The symptoms are synonymous to those of computer vision syndrome it’s only that in the later; there is also neck pain and dizziness on the affected person. These two conditions result from continuous viewing of a monitor or display device for long without taking a break. The main cause of all these symptoms is due to contraction of the cilliary muscle as you try to put focus on the screen.


Factors Aggravating the Eye Strain Condition

A monitor or display screen that has low refresh rate of <70HZ can trigger these conditions because the objects displayed on such screens tend to have visual flickers. CRT that has gone out of focus can cause eye strain because it normally makes the cilliary muscle busy. LCD also causes eye strain because they have flickers despite the fact that they don’t go out of focus. A page that contains the same image identical painted can make the eyes to highly focus on the objects trying to find the difference, and this could lead to eye strain. These are the things that cause eye strain for those who have been asking what causes tired eyes.



All the treatment methods are directed towards all measures of how to refresh tired eyes. The first step would be to ensure that refraction errors are completely eliminated. If you have you accommodative insufficiency, make sure that it is corrected because it is one of the factors causing eye strain. Make sure that you take breaks during your computer works to avoid straining your eyes. Tired eyes treatment home remedies include the cool compressions on eyes, but care should be taken to avoid injuring yourself.


The Modern Companies

Many companies that deal with computers have started supplying or giving computer glasses to their staff to ensure that they protect their eyes from strain. If you want to know how to relax tired eyes, it is simple, just take a break from what you are doing and make sure that you stay away from the monitor or your phone for like a half an hour after three hours of working. The ciliary muscle is going to relax. There are eye solutions that are also sold over the counter to help moisturise the eye so as to reduce stiffness of the eye muscles and eliminate strain. The ultimate method or principle in avoiding eye strain is to ensure that you have as little exposure as possible to monitors and display devices.